An artist friend of mine shared a link on Facebook with a similar title, and of course I had to read it.  It gave sound reasons why we keep painting, etc. and I will share them with you.

     It said that "painting, sculpting, dancing, making music, and all other artistic pursuits have benefits that go far beyond pure enjoyment or cultural creation,"  They can "strengthen your brain and improve your mood."

     This is from an article published  in the journal ART THERAPY.  Researchers found that after just 45 minutes of creating art, levels of the hormone cortisol, associated with stress, were reduced regardless of their prior art skills. Now that alone is enough reason for me to continue to paint!  But, wait, there's more!  Haha.. Below are the seven reasons:

  1. " Making art may reduce stress and anxiety."    The article said that Art is intrinsically linked to humanity.  We don't see animals creating art, consciously anyway.  Just looking at art is calming it said,  but for me anyway, SOME abstract art is not calming at all.  Another small study found that spending 30 minutes creating art, especially free-form painting was associated with reducing anxiety levels in college students before their final exams.  AND, art classes are known to reduce stress and anxiety in caretakers.  Now, it's a logical step for me to assume it reduces levels of stress in anyone. In some people they said,  as few as five minutes of painting reduced the levels of stress.
  2. "Creating visual art improves connections in the brain".
  3. "Art-making can help us get over sadness"
  4. "Mindless sketching can help us focus"
  5. "Turning our problems into narratives can help us work through them"
  6. "Playing music is associated with cognitive gains"
  7. "Making art can help you achieve 'flow'"
     The full article can be seen on business insider.com and I highly recommend it!

     I am "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off" (if you've ever seen that, haha) trying to get everything ready for the "Featured artist wall in September.  I am working on new paintings, refreshing older ones, and reworking others.  For example, two of the paintings I did in art class were not finished so I did that, the "HOME TO THE HIGHLANDS" painting of my horses just didn't seem finished as though something was lacking,  so I am adding more horses, and as I said I am creating more art! I probably have enough, but you know how it is, we are never satisfied are we?  So, I guess I will keep working until the last possible minute.  Plus, I have to have another large painting to hang at the Back 40 A1A when I remove the "UNSPOILED BEAUTY" painting to take to the show. 

     My art room is FULL!  I must come up with a way to store paintings, as it is they are sitting everywhere! I have shelves along one wall in the closet and I think I need to add shelves on the other closet wall.  That way I can store frames and canvases so they don't sit around in the room and get scratched up. Most of all I just need to do some spring cleaning and organizing.  My least favorite thing to do.  My easel is huge and heavy, good for work, bad for space.  Oh well, we can't have everything.  At least not right now.  You probably have seen movies of artists whose studio is FULL of painted canvases sitting all around the room?  Well those rooms are usually huge.  Mine is 12 x 12 and I share it with my husband's office area.  I'm slowly crowding him out.. I'm always pushing him aside to get past to get water from the bathroom next door.  He laughs, but for how long? Once in a while, I get the "really" look.

     Actually, I went through all the paintings I have lying around and have decided to clear out some of the smaller ones (28) I used to take to the Art Walk each month.  SO, I announced on INSTAGRAM (daradodsonartcom) and FACEBOOK (Dara Dodson) that I will be having a BIG CLEARANCE SALE starting September 5th.  I will post each photo and the price and will sell them using my SQUARE account.  If you want one at great prices, tune in to this website at 8 AM SEPTEMBER 5TH!!

     When I get the "Feature Wall" hung and ready, I will be sure to post pictures for you to see and me to add to my portfolio!  It is important to record these occasions for your records and to impress any future galleries!  Again, here it is important to hang the paintings professionally.  In other words, give them room to breathe, make sure they hang straight, and they are at the proper eye level!

     Below, I have a few of photos of commissioned paintings which are special to me as they are of my close friends or family.  Enjoy, and please let me know if there is any topic you would like to see a post on, ok?

     BTW, I now have an online store!  It is the page called "PAINTINGS FOR SALE".  At the moment I only have ten paintings listed, but I will be expanding it soon!

    Oh, and one more thing,  I will now post a new blog each Friday at 6 pm, ET.  I have become such a busy person that twice a week just won't fit into my schedule.  Thank you for your patience, and Enjoy!

16 x 20


18 x 25


11 x 14


8 x 10


30 X 40
Acrylic - gallery wrap canvas


This customer just stipulated the general style and colors to fit their room, so here it is in that room!
Remember to get and keep these photos for your portfolio!


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