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                                           SELLING YOUR PAINTINGS ON FACEBOOK

     I listened to an interesting podcast the other day about a man who uses FACEBOOK to sell paintings.  He has only been doing it for two and a half years but it has been so successful that it is now the source of 50-60% of his income!. That certainly made me sit up and pay attention!

     He is a grandfather, so not too young, and was not a fan of social networking, like me.  We didn't grow up with electronic devices in our hands, trust me.  Anyway, he was pushed into this mode of selling by a friend who set everything up and showed him how it was done.  He started posting one painting every 1 to 3 weeks, but absolutely no more than one per week he said.  But the interesting thing he did was that he told the story behind each painting.  In other words, how, when, why, etc the painting came to be.  Under the good photo he published the Name, medium and price.  He emphasized that he took several photos in different light and picked the best one. That is VERY important, and I agree with that!  He also always starts out his story with the same words each time. He says, "HELLO EVERYONE" and then begins the story. I think that is because people see those words and instantly recognize the post as his and they love his stories!

     The gentleman said he at first didn't post the price but that didn't seem to work well.  People would ask the price but he wouldn't see it in time and thus lose the sale.  Now he adds the price (keeping it as low as he reasonably can, in his case $500 or less) and it has worked well.  He also only posts smaller paintings. He said it was slow at first but grew fairly steadily, then after a year or so. it just took off.  Now, as I said, it represents 50-60% of his sales and he is able to be a full-time artist.  That's saying a lot!

     I really enjoyed his interview and it got me to thinking that I could do something similar!  Of course I would use a different salutation on mine.  I decided to say "HELLO  FRIENDS" when I post a painting.  I just posted my first painting in this fashion and I will let you know if it works for me.  It's interesting because the gentleman said he just posted to friends,  personally I think it should be public.  Maybe he's not aware that you can post publicly. I also post mine on INSTAGRAM as well.

     If you decide to try this as well, that's great!  Please let me know how it goes for you and if you have any different ideas.  I would love to hear your experiences!

     I also have an interview about a gentleman who had success selling his paintings on eBay, but I haven't had time to listen to it yet.  I will try to get to it in the next few days and let you know how he did it, OK?  I think that forum could also be very lucrative if done right.

     The painting I chose to post first in FACEBOOK with the story and price was my family of mallard ducks.  It has a very nice story behind it and is actually funny.  I also posted the photo I worked from.  I will show the painting below and yes, I will tell the story also.  Thanks for looking!

on St. George Street
"Scenes of St. Augustine"
9 x 12
I saw this mallard family taking a walk down on St. George St. one morning. Now, for those not familiar with St. Augustine, St. George St. is for pedestrians only.  She was oblivious of the crowds watching and taking their photograph.  She stopped all traffic however, including all cars!, when one of the three babies wandered out into Cathedral Place St. where cars travel.  She fussed and squawked so loudly at the baby that a huge crowd gathered and took pictures of them.  Interestingly the other two babies stood on the sidewalk waiting for mom and brother to return.  Mom, in the meantime yelled and squawked until little brother finally got back to the sidewalk and joined the patiently waiting siblings.  Then mom shook her tail, squawked one more time and with her head held high, they all started off down the sidewalk again going who knows where. She actually was applauded by the crowd!  Well, right that moment I decided that she needed her portrait done.  I also wanted to capture the adventurous spirit of the little brother who wandered, as boys will do.



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Sale prices will be in effect until all these paintings are gone!

        I will accept cash..or a credit card.  If local, pick or or delivery has no shipping charge.  Shipping for 11x14  or smaller should be no more than $8-$15 (USPS priority) depending on where you live. Larger paintings will be more.  I recently shipped an 18 x 24 painting and the shipping (UPS ground) charge was very reasonable ($35) REST ASSURED I WILL SEND THE CHEAPEST ( while still safe) WAY POSSIBLE!

   TO PURCHASE:  TEXT - 904-710-6721 = OR EMAIL :

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     So I wanted to come up with a new series that I thought would be popular.  I decided they needed to be large and showy, but not too complicated.  Since we live in a tropical area, I came up with the idea of "Looking Up", literally!

     I took some pictures of palm trees from below and began painting them in a simplified form on canvas that is 36 x 48 ( huge!)  I love it!  I only have one done so far, but I know that they will be popular judging from comments I have received on social media.  Of course I have photos below of the first ones for you to see.

     I am not the first person to try this, but mine are different from other artists.  Mine are just a little bit more realistic, yet still fantastic and fun.  Larger than life, so to speak in a painting.  I focused in on the area at the top of the trunk where the palm fronds branch out making the structure very strong and making it easy to see …
I have just been given the opportunity to display my paintings in Jacksonville, Fl at the most upscale Antique Mall/Interior Design Center in North Florida.  Needless to say, I am thrilled!  I was given a wall on the main aisle to showcase my art.  They were particularly interested in large pieces of art and I was happy to comply.  It works well for me as my small pieces are in demand here in St. Augustine since tourists prefer something that will fit into their luggage.  But for art shows larger pieces are in order.  So this new venue is a great way for me to show and sell them after the art shows!

     I forgot my camera when the art was hung, so I will have to return to get the display on film for the blog.  Hopefully next week I can show it to you.

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