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     It's Done!!  I have submitted the three paintings and the photo submissions look good!  It is my first time submitting photos instead of the actual painting, so I was really nervous about making sure everything looked right.

     As I said before, the competition is very stiff, so any photos that aren't perfect probably won't be accepted.  And the entry fee of $45.00 isn't exorbitant, but not cheap either.  It just means a lot to me,  so I wanted to make sure I had the best chance possible of making it in with one of the paintings.

     I made a copy of the entry and the photos so you could see how they looked and how the entry form looked filled out.  Now I will be on pins and needles for the next month waiting to hear if I was accepted or not.  Oh well, if it's not one thing, it's another, right?

     One more thing.  Remember my post about branding?  Well, in this entry, they asked for our statement.  This is where we state our "BRAND".  I had decided that I would become the painter of peaceful places, so my brand is "Painter of Tranquility." I am also playing around with a design for my canvas' to see if I can get a unique look.  If it comes out as I like it will become my trademark.

     The entry form and the photos are below so enjoy them and as I said, I am proud of how well the photos turned out.  All I can say is thank goodness for digital photos..I must have taken a hundred of them to finally get the ones that satisfied me!  LOL!!  At least now, I know how to do it, and I can say I am an experienced photographer too!

     These all had to be varnished, left to dry a day, then mounted in their frames, and all hanging wires attached.  I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but for paintings to be exhibited, they cannot have sawtooth hangers on them.  You know, those little metal bars with teeth that hold the nail.  They are required to have the proper hanging wires on them.  I have a photo of the back of a painting to show you what I mean.  If we take paintings without wires they get sent right back home! I have a photo of the back below.  Notice the  fasteners used to hold the canvas in the frame.  These are actually the best to use.  They are called offset clips, and they come in several sizes to fit different thickness of canvas to frame. I use the 3/8" more than any other though.  This painting does not have it yet, but I always write the name of the painting, the inventory number, my website and sign my name on ALL my paintings.  I usually place a business card on there somewhere too. It is up to you if you want to put a date on there as well,  some do and some don't.  I choose not to, it's just my personal preference.

       This came out dark because it is a photo of a photocopy. The actual photos looked very good!


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Sale prices will be in effect until all these paintings are gone!

        I will accept cash..or a credit card.  If local, pick or or delivery has no shipping charge.  Shipping for 11x14  or smaller should be no more than $8-$15 (USPS priority) depending on where you live. Larger paintings will be more.  I recently shipped an 18 x 24 painting and the shipping (UPS ground) charge was very reasonable ($35) REST ASSURED I WILL SEND THE CHEAPEST ( while still safe) WAY POSSIBLE!

   TO PURCHASE:  TEXT - 904-710-6721 = OR EMAIL :

                                   THESE ARE ALL ORIGINAL PAINTINGS!


     So I wanted to come up with a new series that I thought would be popular.  I decided they needed to be large and showy, but not too complicated.  Since we live in a tropical area, I came up with the idea of "Looking Up", literally!

     I took some pictures of palm trees from below and began painting them in a simplified form on canvas that is 36 x 48 ( huge!)  I love it!  I only have one done so far, but I know that they will be popular judging from comments I have received on social media.  Of course I have photos below of the first ones for you to see.

     I am not the first person to try this, but mine are different from other artists.  Mine are just a little bit more realistic, yet still fantastic and fun.  Larger than life, so to speak in a painting.  I focused in on the area at the top of the trunk where the palm fronds branch out making the structure very strong and making it easy to see …

     It has been a while since I showed the steps I go through to produce a painting.  I am working on a large one right now, so I decided this one would be a good candidate to go through this process again for those of you that are not familiar with it.

     A friend posted a photograph on social media of a scene on the central coast of Florida.  I really liked it, so I asked her permission to paint it and she readily agreed.  This scene is of huge cumulus clouds over the sand dunes.  I knew I wanted to focus on the clouds so I chose a canvas that is 36 x 48 gallery wrap.  I have the photo below.  This is a really nice photo, but the painting will be done in lighter colors I decided.

     I painted the entire canvas a light blue for the sky including the sides.  After it dried, I went back and it was darker than I wanted (acrylics dry darker, remember) so I went back over the top third with a shade lighter…