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     I heard back from the selection committee, and one of my paintings was accepted into the 2017 "NATURE AND WILDLIFE SHOW"!   I was a little surprised and disappointed that it was not my horse painting, but I was thrilled that they picked my "MATANZAS RIVER INLET" painting!  Some of my friends said they weren't surprised, so I guess I am just attached to the horses.  That's the way it is with us artists at times.  The more time and effort we put into a painting, the more attached we become.  That's ok, I will take it over to the Art Association for another show!

     I put a lot of work into the chosen painting too.  I have thought about it and the composition of the accepted painting is stronger.  After all, remember how important I said that is?  One other thing, my mentor told me that a really nice frame is important as well.  I have a nice frame on this painting, but I t…

     Most know that composition is important in a painting, but they may not understand how to achieve a good composition.  It is so important that there have been books written entirely on that subject. Many books.  But take heart, it can be broken down and more easily understood.  Let's see if I can help you out.

     For starters, I will say that composition is important enough that it can make or break a painting.  A painting can be average in skill but have a strong composition and it will win a prize.  On the other hand, a very well executed painting can fall apart if the composition is lacking.  The composition must be very strong and there are several types to learn.  But only a few are necessary to begin with.  The "Center" composition, the "S",  the "L",  and the "Triangle" are examples. I will describe each below.

     You may remember that I have mentioned…

     Well, I held the second day of art class and we had so much fun!  This time we got our brushes wet, so to speak!  We started a seascape painting and hope to finish it by the next class.  I was going to give the class the choice of sky:  day or sundown and show both ways to paint it, but I opted to do that later.  The color of the water, of course, depended on which sky they choose.

     We did a simplified version of my "HAMMOCK TIME" painting that I did in the workshop.  They learn trees, sky, water, sand, shadows and possibly clouds, all in one simple painting!  Nice.  After that is finished, we will either do a house or a flower garden, but I think the house needs to be first, because it is very important to learn perspective!  The sky will be more complicated as well.

     This time we remembered to take pictures of the class.  I don't have their faces because I don't want to get written pe…

     Well, my husband and I packed up all my supplies and headed up to the Jacksonville Beach Art Walk again.  I didn't take as much as I usually do because it had been raining "cats and dogs" for the previous week and that morning.  But we took a chance that the rain would cease.  As it turned out the rain did end and the turnout was fairly good.  Everyone coming by loved my work, but I just didn't sell that much except magnet paintings that are 2"x 2".  I sold several of those!

     On the way home we had a long discussion as to whether I would continue to go to the Art Walk. Over the past months of observation, we realized that most of the sales are in the area of crafts and jewelry, not Fine Art.  So I have decided that I will look for other means of selling my art.

     My husband is coming to my aid in improving and updating my website so that I can accept PayPal for sales.  I…
     I went to an art workshop this weekend and I really enjoyed it.  It was being held by St. Augustine artist Ray Brilli at the St. Augustine Art Association.  He is called the "High Voltage" artist.  I like the way his paintings do look high voltage and so decided to go.

     I took away several good points.  The first is everyone who wants to make vast improvement in their art should buy the video "EN PLEIN AIR: PAINTING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BRAIN" by Rick Howell.  It costs $80 but well worth it! (Amazon)  Our instructor played it for us and yes, I bought it as well.  Mr. Howell, now sadly deceased, was an outstanding New Mexico/Colorado artist who was famous for his beautiful landscapes.  Largely self taught, he became very adept at painting landscapes and breaking them down into simple shapes that evoke great emotion.  He sums up how to do it in the video. Believe me, it is well worth the money, much better than books. Our instructor said …

      Remember that I said to put away a painting for a few months or so while you keep painting and when you pull it out you will be amazed and pleased with your progress as you compare the old to the new work?  Well out of the blue, I just received a photo of a painting I did in 1989 from the friend who has it. She just purchased another painting from me, and I had asked her to send a photo of the painting hanging in her home for my portfolio.  She sent two, one of the new one and this one. When I saw the photo I was thrilled, but I laughed when I studied the painting.  Just as I told you,  I saw a tremendous difference in my work from that time to now, and it was a true eye opener!  I don't even remember if it is in oils or acrylics.
     When I painted it, I was so proud of the work!  It was a snow scene, very hard to do, and add to that a horse and sleigh heading towards a house in the distanc…

     I listened to an interesting podcast the other day about a man who uses FACEBOOK to sell paintings.  He has only been doing it for two and a half years but it has been so successful that it is now the source of 50-60% of his income!. That certainly made me sit up and pay attention!

     He is a grandfather, so not too young, and was not a fan of social networking, like me.  We didn't grow up with electronic devices in our hands, trust me.  Anyway, he was pushed into this mode of selling by a friend who set everything up and showed him how it was done.  He started posting one painting every 1 to 3 weeks, but absolutely no more than one per week he said.  But the interesting thing he did was that he told the story behind each painting.  In other words, how, when, why, etc the painting came to be.  Under the good photo he published the Name, medium and price.  He emphasized that he took several photos …
It's Done!!  I have submitted the three paintings and the photo submissions look good!  It is my first time submitting photos instead of the actual painting, so I was really nervous about making sure everything looked right.

     As I said before, the competition is very stiff, so any photos that aren't perfect probably won't be accepted.  And the entry fee of $45.00 isn't exorbitant, but not cheap either.  It just means a lot to me,  so I wanted to make sure I had the best chance possible of making it in with one of the paintings.

     I made a copy of the entry and the photos so you could see how they looked and how the entry form looked filled out.  Now I will be on pins and needles for the next month waiting to hear if I was accepted or not.  Oh well, if it's not one thing, it's another, right?

     One more thing.  Remember my post about branding?  Well, in this entry, they asked for our statement.  This is where we state our "BRAND".  I h…