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     As I said before, I am finally back to working on my large painting for the Nature and Wildlife show.  I had set it against the wall out of the way of harm, or so I thought.  When I picked it up and set it on the easel I saw small paint spatters all over the painting!  They were all colors and sizes.  OUCH!  I almost panicked, but took some deep breaths, sat down and studied it.  Apparently I spilled or splashed paint on it while working on other paintings.  It was against the wall, behind the easel!  Big mistake!!  I won't do that again!

     Anyway,  I looked again carefully and moaned.  The splashes weren't huge, but there were many different colors in those clouds and grasses so it was going to be difficult to touch up without it showing  as dots of color that were different!  It took me about an hour of painstaking mixing, dabbing and smoothing in colors to cover the splashes without ruining the work that was there. Lesson learned.

     Next, I studied the painting with "fresh eyes".  I just wasn't happy with the lower right corner.  I liked the rocks but not the "ditch".  It just drew the eye too much and that is NOT what I wanted.  So I decided to make the rocks cover the ditch.  That looked much better! I liked the overall painting so I set about highlighting and finishing the horses.  I brought up the light on the green grass back under the cloud.  I became the "destination" for the horses.  I have the stallion, the biggest horse looking off toward the "destination".  These are Connemara horses, thus all white.  They technically are from the highlands of Ireland and this is the highlands of Scotland.  That's ok by me.  Haha.

     Below I have some photos of the progression of my work.  It is still not finished but I think I will have it done by next week.  I will post the final photo then.  Also, I have photos of other paintings I did last week.  I have several small paintings (about 2") that I glued magnets to the back of to sell at the Art Walk.  I think they will be popular.  I priced them at $5.00 each and some have already sold to friends!  So enjoy and Thanks for looking!

You can see the ditch on the right bottom.  See how the eye keeps going there?  Not good!  You want the eye to follow the horses to the top of the painting!  This is why I changed the design.

I think this works much better, don't you?  The eye now stays on the horses and follows them instead of the ditch!  You naturally move your eyes up to the top of the painting taking in the sights along the way.  Notice how I lightened the grass in the valley at the top to pinpoint the "destination".

Here I have begun highlighting the white horses.  It is pretty much a full moon so they can be fairly light, but I still want to be careful as there is a delicate balance between the light of a full moon and daylight.  I also made the rock between the horses smaller.  I may take it out, but haven't decided yet. The white is not truly white.  It is greyed down with blue-green.  It just looks white next to the other colors.  I will reserve pure white for little touches of highlights at the end.  That is very important to remember.  NO CHALK!

This may look finished, but it is not.  I have more work to do.  I see some dead spots among the rocks on the right and the middle horse is too bright I think.  I also want to work more on the shadows of the horses.  I will play with it for a few more days and then maybe declare it done.  Also, notice how dark the bottom corners are?  That is what you want in a painting like this.

                These are some of the approx. 2" magnet paintings I have done for the Art Walk

8 x 10

8 x 10

8 X 10

8 x 10
Acrylic on board


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Sale prices will be in effect until all these paintings are gone!

        I will accept cash..or a credit card.  If local, pick or or delivery has no shipping charge.  Shipping for 11x14  or smaller should be no more than $8-$15 (USPS priority) depending on where you live. Larger paintings will be more.  I recently shipped an 18 x 24 painting and the shipping (UPS ground) charge was very reasonable ($35) REST ASSURED I WILL SEND THE CHEAPEST ( while still safe) WAY POSSIBLE!

   TO PURCHASE:  TEXT - 904-710-6721 = OR EMAIL :

                                   THESE ARE ALL ORIGINAL PAINTINGS!


     So I wanted to come up with a new series that I thought would be popular.  I decided they needed to be large and showy, but not too complicated.  Since we live in a tropical area, I came up with the idea of "Looking Up", literally!

     I took some pictures of palm trees from below and began painting them in a simplified form on canvas that is 36 x 48 ( huge!)  I love it!  I only have one done so far, but I know that they will be popular judging from comments I have received on social media.  Of course I have photos below of the first ones for you to see.

     I am not the first person to try this, but mine are different from other artists.  Mine are just a little bit more realistic, yet still fantastic and fun.  Larger than life, so to speak in a painting.  I focused in on the area at the top of the trunk where the palm fronds branch out making the structure very strong and making it easy to see …

     It has been a while since I showed the steps I go through to produce a painting.  I am working on a large one right now, so I decided this one would be a good candidate to go through this process again for those of you that are not familiar with it.

     A friend posted a photograph on social media of a scene on the central coast of Florida.  I really liked it, so I asked her permission to paint it and she readily agreed.  This scene is of huge cumulus clouds over the sand dunes.  I knew I wanted to focus on the clouds so I chose a canvas that is 36 x 48 gallery wrap.  I have the photo below.  This is a really nice photo, but the painting will be done in lighter colors I decided.

     I painted the entire canvas a light blue for the sky including the sides.  After it dried, I went back and it was darker than I wanted (acrylics dry darker, remember) so I went back over the top third with a shade lighter…