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Well it's almost the end of the month.  That means it will be time to do another mad dash to all four locations that carry my paintings and move them around.  It's hard work, but someone has to do it as they say.

     Actually, the St. Augustine Art Association has a show coming up called the "Black, White and Shades of Gray" show.  Meaning NO color in the works!  That should be interesting.  I wasn't going to enter that show, but I have changed my mind.  The problem is that I only have a few days to do my painting for it!!  I have a photo of the large harvest moon over the water with clouds and I really want to give it a try.  I will work on it and see how it comes out.  The entries have to be submitted by next Tuesday.  That is when I will know if it is good enough for me to submit:  if i like it or not.

     I have started my Chile' painting of the  water and volcano but it's not done.  I just haven't had time to give it justice.  You see, I …
Great news!  Two more paintings have sold this week!  Both from the Back 40 Urban Cafe.  They are both 8 x 10 in size, which just proves that the small paintings are the way to go.  At least if you live in a tourist area.  They pack into a suitcase easily for travel, and make nice affordable gifts!  The two that sold are both Florida scenes.  One of Long Key State Park and one of St. Augustine.  Nice!
The pictures are below.

Sorry, the picture above is not very clear.  I must have moved the camera slightly.  But, the painting is gone so I can't do another.  That's ok.  You can get the idea.  It's interesting,  this is the third painting I have done of this scene, each a little different.  They have all sold!  That should tell me something.  Maybe the  Florida Keys are a hot subject!?!?

     I also started a new painting.  Well, actually, I had started it before our trip.  Now I need to get busy and finish it as well as paint some more!  My inventory is looking sparse…
Wow!  We finished our project and boy are we tired!! I am home sitting in my chair resting after traveling for almost 24 hours from Chile. Yes, the one in South America! We were there 2 weeks enjoying the hospitality of a wonderful and loving people!  The Chileans are descendants of native peoples as well as spanish and german people who moved into the area throughout history.  They are truly beautiful people both inside and out!

     My husband and I had been chosen as delegates to a special convention held in Santiago, Chile. We were to be part of a group of 8 from our area, but sadly 4 of them had to cancel.  The rest of us had a great time, but wished all 8 had been able to go.

     Of course, I wasn't able to paint for this time, but I did get some great photos which I will go through and sort for ideas for paintings.  One of the photos turned out particularly well, and as it turns out, was the same as the logo for the convention.  It is of the volcano known as Orsono …
Hello! It is Wednesday and I promised to post on Wednesdays, however for this and next Wednesday, I will not be able to post any new paintings. My husband and I are in the middle of a special project that takes two weeks!  I am taking MANY pictures that I can use for inspiration for future paintings and already have many ideas rattling around in my head, but painting is off the board for the duration of the project.  I can't wait to tell you about it, but it will have to remain a surprise for now.

     As for painting tips..please remember that for Acrylic painting, you can and should use THICK gesso instead of white paint.  The reason is that it is much more opaque meaning you cannot see through it.  The advantage is that it takes less to lighten your colors and they show up more. Especially is this true of the more transparent colors such as red, yellow and blues. The best gesso is Grumbacher. It is so thick that you can turn the open jar upside down and it won't come o…