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I have had the suggestion given to me to paint small paintings and try to get stores downtown to carry them.  They are generally 5x5 and 5x7 and I set them on small easels.  I use canvas board not stretched canvas to keep the cost down and make them easily packable for travelers.  I have about 10 done so far, all seascapes, very popular according to everyone! I snapped a few pics of them and thought you might like to see them.  Feel free to try the idea for yourself.  Let me know how it works for you!  BTW,  I plan to sell these for $25-$30 each.  Bread and butter you might say. 

Sorry for the delay..I had a sudden realization that my deadline for one of the art shows was just 7 days away and I hadn't even started my painting!  Ouch!!  And this one was to be a large painting too.
Well,  lo and behold, I got it done!!  Yea!

     To recap,  this show is the FLORIDA FOREVER Flora and Fauna Show at the St. Augustine Art Association.  There is a limit of two paintings.  My husband and I had noticed that the larger paintings usually won the prizes so he suggested I go big.  Thanks, dear,  I love you too!  Haha.  Well,
I had a large 24 x 30 canvas sitting around and also a frame that size.  Great!  Now for the subject.  I had noticed over the last couple years that flora or flowers will win over animals or fauna.  I wanted to do a close-up of a flower, but no time.  So, I decided to go snap some pics of the San Sebastian River here close to my home.  It has all the elements i was looking for.  Water, trees, cordgrass in water and last but not least, nesti…
Now that I have more room, I want to concentrate on my  "Scenes of St. Augustine" series.  I go downtown a lot to take pictures as we are not allowed to paint" en plain aire" or on location on St. George St. or in the city plaza.  So, I take lots of photos and work from them.  It's not the same, but what can we do, right?  My latest is of Hypolita St. at St. George St.  I took some liberties with the painting as most artists do, but if I had put in all the details, it would have been just too much. The painting would have been too busy.  

     When I started, it was going to be important to get the perspective correct or the painting would have been doomed before it even began.  So, I sat down and drew out the street and buildings with the proper perspective lines drawn in.  When I was happy with the result, I brought out my trusty graphite paper and transferred the lines right onto the canvas.  First though, I had painted in my basic sky color and tinted…
I just got back from hanging my paintings in their new location at the "Back 40 Urban Cafe".  They look great if I do say so myself!  Unfortunately, I only had room for eleven of them.  I had fifteen to hang.  But if I had hung them all, it would have been too crowded and they would not have shown well.  Oh well,  I have other locations to hang them.  I was told about the "Art Studio" at St. Augustine Beach.  It is right by the pier and they have a nice little setup.  Apparently, art sells well there, as they get lots of tourists.  Great!  It costs $20.00 per year to join and you are required to staff it 4 hours per month.  Not bad, especially when you consider that you can take extra art with you to show when you are manning the studio, right?   I will keep you posted as the paintings sell.  Anyway.. here is a photo of my new display.  Enjoy!

Ok, I have now finished the redo of the seascape.  I like it much better!  the wave had entirely too much white making it chalky.  So I took out  most of the white, reduced the size of the wave and added rocks for the wave to crash against.  I think it strengthened the composition (always important for eye flow) and just made the painting more interesting to look at.  You can see a big difference between the before and after photos.  Enjoy!

I finished the 12 x 24 painting.  Before I show it to you, I want to tell you what happened.  We just had a hurricane!  NOT a fun experience!!  Matthew, the name of the storm was a category 4 storm, meaning it had sustained winds of 130-140 mph.  Very destructive to say the least.  It killed over 800 in Haiti, and it was barreling down on us!
     Our house is new and very well built (can take 150 mph winds) but who wants to!?!  Thankfully, it veered slightly east so the worst of the storm stayed out over the water and we got only 90 mph winds, which were bad enough.  It didn't do us much harm, but many others didn't fare so well.  The city flooded, and the barrier islands had a LOT of destruction!  Many of those homes are destroyed or severely damaged.  There is a saying,  don't build on sand..It is true!!  Davis Shores is an area on Anastasia Island here that is very low.  The water was up to the second story of those homes. Now I know I never want to live over on…
I have another painting already!  This one was started in class and I finished up that evening at home.  The teacher pulled out a box full of small items, teapots, toys, shells, cups, jars, etc, etc.  Then she laid out individual fern fronds and suggested we pick out a few each. "But, keep it SIMPLE she cautioned".  She actually laid out two fern fronds on a piece of paper towel and laid them on the floor for herself. The view was then directly from above.  She painted the paper towel as a yellow cloth and the ferns in impressionism.  It was GREAT!

      I chose three small fern fronds and two different shells.  I laid them on the table next to my easel and went for it.  I first painted the entire easel in a "portrait" mottled background of mostly dark greens with some yellow, blue, reds and browns thrown in, (very subtle).  I then had the longest fern frond almost level as if it were the table edge and the other two fanned out from it.  Then where they joi…
Remember the picture I posted of my paintings on the wall in a local restaurant?  Well they have started to sell!  The first one sold this morning...  now I have to get busy and replace it with another!
Great!  That's the whole purpose, right? Right!!  Anyway, it's the bottom painting {the one hanging the lowest on the wall} "SAFE HAVEN".  You can see it on my AVAILABLE PAINTINGS  page.
I just picked up my "FLORIDA PANTHER" painting from the Fall Members Show at the Art Association so I will take it over and rearrange the paintings to fit it in the grouping.  I wish there was more wall space there!

I have been working on more paintings..and finished one so far.  There is a story with this one.   The artist I was studying under  lives across the country which makes it hard to get critiques and ask questions.
     SO,  I  decided it was in my best interest to look for another teacher.   A friend takes lessons from a local artist.  I checked her out and thought I would go to a lesson and see what she was like.  Turns out she is a nationally known impressionist (my interest), sells world-wide, and has her own gallery here in St. Augustine!  Alright!!   I LOVED the lesson!  She teaches small classes, lets you work on your own material if you want, and has class critiques at the end of each lesson.  Exactly what I was looking for!  She is also reasonable in what she charges!  Thank goodness!!
     The painting is one I did in her class.  I was going to do another seascape..but she had photos of a butterfly on a flower for the students to do.  So, hey, I thought why not?  It turn…