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Showing posts from September, 2016
Sorry that I have not posted recently!  I got tied up doing other things.  I swapped paintings at the Art Association, I have painted several and set up a display at a local restaurant.  Whew, no wonder I am tired!

     Here is a picture of the display at the restaurant.  It is a local St. Augustine restaurant that displays paintings for artists as part of their atmosphere.  It's called "The Back 40 Urban Cafe" and has great food as well!  

     I have worked on several paintings too, as I said.  I reworked two previous paintings that I haven't posted and painted one new one.  Here they are below.  Enjoy!

I decided to do Two paintings this time!  I assembly lined them, so as one was drying I worked on the other one.  It works, try it sometime!

     The first is a seascape.. I may still work on this one some more, haven't decided..
The second is a sunlit wooded pathway ...