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I decided to do a painting for some close friends who have had a difficult past couple of years.
Their daughter was the victim of extreme bullying and as such has suffered from PTSD.  This is a close and very loving family who never would have dreamed of having to go through such a trying time. I wanted to do something nice for them and so I decided to paint this picture for them.

     I posted this beginning of the painting on Facebook and asked friends to guess what it was going to be.  The guesses were quite funny!  Anyway, it kept them interested while I finished the rest of the painting.  Here is the final painting.  I will take it to them tomorrow.  It is a surprise!

                                                                16  x 20

     THEY LOVED IT!!  It now hangs on their living room wall,  and she posted it on Facebook!

She's finally done!  Thought that was taking forever, huh?  So did I!  All that work on the miniatures and Lucy, now Lani, just sat patiently on the floor and watched the painting mania.
I changed her name to Lani because my husband insisted that Lucy was NOT an islander's name!
Ok, I said, YOU pick a name that rhymes and has only four letters...Lani it is!  Anyway... here she is!