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I have been very busy this past week or so!  I have not been able to work on my latest painting of the island girl on the beach.  Sorry.  I will get back to her I promise!  But I have been painting!
You see,  I found out that my husband and I are going to a week long ministry training school in August and I wanted to make small gifts for all the students and instructors.  That involved painting 20+ miniatures, measuring 4" x 4" each.  Sounds easy, but it wasn't.  Of course, I wanted them to be good and many of them have people in them,  SO, it took a long time to do.  I tried to vary them as much as possible so they didn't all look alike and that also took time.  Anyway I took a picture of the group and I have it below.

     Also,  I am meeting some first cousins for dinner this coming Saturday.  I haven't seen them in over 40 years!  Wow, that's a long time!  They don't live locally so we are meeting at a restaurant in Daytona Beach.  The point is …
My painting is coming along. . it is not finished..being a painting that features a beautiful and exotic young lady..there is a lot of detail that has to be worked out.  I have been busy with a large convention.  We spent four days preparing, cleaning and attending a 7,000+ people convention at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.  It was wonderful!  Very inspirational and so good to catch up with many old friends!  But I digress..that also meant I wasn't able to work on my painting in the meantime, so please bear with me.
     I have decided to go ahead and show another peek of the painting.  Just to keep you coming..HaHa!  Anyway here it is.  PLEASE keep in mind that it is far from finished, and therefore please do not be too critical, ok?  I see many things that need correction.  Thanks for looking!  I hope to finish it soon.

                                                                          16 x 20

 You can see the writing in the sand.  She has written Lucy l…
Also, I have started another painting.  this one I drew in 2010 and put away in my file box under "art projects" until I could get to it.  Well, better late than never!  Here is the drawing below:

I have finally finished the painting!  It was hard because it is special to me.  It is a painting of my son and his family at the beach, and it is a surprise anniversary present.  So, needless to say, I wanted it to be very nice indeed!  They (hopefully) won't see it here on my website before I am able to give it to them sometime this week.

     You saw the preview of it on my last blog, so here are the subsequent pictures as I worked on it.
Here you can see that I have started
adding the children in. They are pretty
light and hard to see against the sand
so I made their swimsuits darker.

That helped a lot.  Then I had to figure out where and how I wanted to place the rest of the family,  the  parents and the baby, plus I knew that I wanted an umbrella in the picture somewhere also.  So I played around with drawings until I found one I liked, then I cut it out and moved it around the canvas until I decided on the location.  That way I wasn't messing up my painting with in…