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I thought it might be fun to show you my first prize winning composition.  Her name is "Granny"
and I drew her in high school for my mom.  Mom made me take it to show my art teacher.  My art teacher then made me put it in the upcoming Bourbon County Art Fair.  Low and behold it took First Place!  Never in a million years would I have dreamed that a sketch would win anything, let alone my sketch!

     As it turns out,  sketching is a highly desirable venue to art judges.  it is VERY difficult to become a good painter without first becoming good at drawing.  Very few people draw any more.  The judges don't like that.  They really like to see sketches in art shows, my friends!  Keep that in mind, and you may have an advantage in the future!

     I always keep a small sketch pad in the glove box of my car and try to use it often.  Cameras have sadly taken over, but they DON'T hone art skills! ( except for photography and that's not what I'm talking about h…
Sorry for the dry spell.  I've been really busy      readying my two paintings for the  "Nature and Wildlife" art show here in St. Augustine.  We are allowed to enter three.  Hey I may whip up (haha) another one just in time!  RIGHT! Each one of these took me a month, not likely! Really though,  I would like to do another version of my "Long Key" painting.  I just love the colors in the sky and the clouds!  To die for!

     This is another version of the Long Key painting I did.  It has more detail in the clouds as you can see and brighter color, but I really like it.  This just goes to show how one can get a lot of mileage out of one photo!

     I have sold another painting in the meantime.  I thought it was up on this site, but apparently not.  It is a small 5 x 7 of a pair of Ibis I shot a photo of one day while out at Target.  There is an old dock on the marsh out behind the store.  The dock is rotting and most of the decking is missing, but the birds …
Ok, now I think I am finally done with my panther!   I had my mentor critique the painting like I mentioned and he had several suggestions.  First let me state that this artist worked for Ducks Unlimited for several years as an artist and now judges wildlife  art shows.  So he knows what he is talking about!!  He said if this painting was going in a show that it needed more.  By more, he meant wrinkles!  Yes, wrinkles.  All animals have them, and they are what make the difference between so-so paintings and really good paintings he said. Second, he said his eyes were open too wide.  Real cats don't open their eyes that wide.  And third, he needed to have greenery around and in front of him to settle him into the painting.  No real cat would be exposed like I had mine.  The good news was that he said it was good SO FAR.  So be it.  It was back to work for me!  I took several more days of work but I think I have it now!

     This is the picture I was working from.  (Yes, I go…
Well, I am almost done with my Panther portrait.  It is to the point that I have sent off pictures of my three panther paintings to my mentor for him to critique.  Hopefully, next Wednesday we will be able to conference on the phone and go over some improvements.  He lives out of state.  Enough of that for now.

     This latest painting is my Florida Panther portrait.  This was the hardest as it is very detailed down to the hair on his body!  Talk about having to have a massage for knotted muscles!  Anyway,  in this first picture I have  blocked in the basic cat.  The background is basic as well.  I brushed on a few colors, mottled them and then used the brush with first brown and then bright green to represent palm fronds, or palmettos to be exact.  This is the painting I had to get permission to paint.  This is taken from a photo I found in the book "Wild Cats".  It is not exactly as the photo was, the cat in the photo was laying down and looking back. I decided to ha…