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     Everyone has fears, it's part and parcel to being human. As artists who are struggling to succeed, we may face more fears than those who hold a "9-to-5" job with a regular paycheck. And we recognize that very few artists get rich from their art.  But, artists are small business owners, and as such we need to be organized.  Part of that is facing your fears and working through them.

     In order to do that, we must first recognize them by listing them.  So, put on your thinking cap, and grab your pen and paper or computer.  To help you get started, I have a short list below of some fears that we as artists may face.  Not all will apply to everyone but it can get you going.

1.  FEAR OF FAILURE:  Most have faced this fear at some point in their life.  It doesn't apply only to artists.  But it is a big fear that artists must face, especially if they want to it to become their full-time work.  You…

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