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     I have now done three workshops, each one a different size.  One with 10 people, one with 4, and a third with over 30!  The workshops at the art gallery are smaller as they don't have a large space for classes.  At most they can hold 8 - 10 people, but that would be very tight.

     My first one was in January and there were 10 people.  I posted on this workshop already.  The second was in February at Ocean Art Gallery and had 4 people.  We had a lot of fun and the ladies created nice work!  I have a few photos below.

            One thing I love is how things just appear in the painting!  See the fish?  Love it!

This was a more controlled painting.  Two of the ladies wanted to paint specific scenes, in this case an ocean scene.  Not bad for a first attempt wouldn't you say?

     The next workshop was for friends.  This one was much larger and was held in the home of a friend who asked me if I would…

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