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     Every artist has had the experience of coming up empty for an idea on what to paint.  That is where it is good to have a library of reference material!

     At one time, we needed bookshelves full of photos and books! I know an artist that has a large room FULL of reference material.  Mostly photos he has taken through the years and some books, plus friends cut pictures from magazines for him. It is probably the largest reference library in the country.   In this day and age, however all we really need is a computer! Now, don't get me wrong...I have three tall bookcases full of books and photos, and they are not going anywhere! I love books, and have boxes of photos I have accumulated that I will not throw away.  But, that being said, if we need ideas, there are thousands of photos on the internet that we can use.  Just remember the golden rule...NO COPYING!  That does NOT mean we cannot use them for id…

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