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     I mentioned earlier that I was thinking about an idea for a new series of paintings.  We traveled to the mountains this summer and I decided that I wanted to paint them again.  I miss living in the beautiful mountains I was raised in and painting them is one way of keeping them close.

     I have decided that I will call myself the "Painter of the Blue Ridge".  I wanted to use "Artist of the Blue Ridge", but someone else is already using it.  So I decided that "painter" fits with my medium.  My husband and I will be traveling up along the Blue Ridge Parkway 2 to 3 times per year, especially during spring and fall.  In springtime the beautiful rhododendron are in bloom everywhere on the mountains and in the fall the trees are ablaze with gorgeous color.  These are the perfect times to do plein air painting!

     Don't get me wrong,  I will continue to paint the coastal beauty of…

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