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     I hear a lot of complaints that acrylics dry too fast!  Well here are a few tips to slow down the drying  time, both on the palette and on the canvas.  That way you can enjoy the painting process even more than before!

 1.  Always gesso the canvas. I've told you to do this before, but in this case you start your painting on wet gesso!  Even better is to tone that wet gesso with color so you are not working on a white canvas.  So in other words, over your top layer or coat of gesso, while it's still wet of course, paint a light layer of color to tone the canvas.  Any color will do, but I usually use a grayish brown or blue-gray.

2.  Before starting to paint, turn your stretched canvas over and spray all over the back with water to moisten the raw canvas.  This will slow down the drying time of the paint and help prevent paint from leaching through to the back. You can repeat this process each time you si…

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