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     At the stores we find many types of varnish, both finishing spray and liquid brush-on varnish.  What should you use and how?   The liquid brush-on goes further, but personally, I prefer the sprays.  The reason being that I have found the brush-on will chip or peel.  Perhaps I am putting it on too thick, perhaps not.  I just prefer to use spray.

     That said,  there are many varieties of spray varnish.  How is each used?  To make it easier for you to decide, I picked up a KRYLON flyer at our local Hobby Lobby art/craft store and took a photo of it for you to see.  I have typed in the explanations as the lettering is too small for you to read in a photo.  Hopefully this will help you to know which will work best for your situation.

Finishing sprays protect from the elements of nature.  Most have UV protection, plus they help prevent smearing, dirt marks and scratches.  Most importantly, they really make a…
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     A good friend got hold of me a few weeks ago asking if I would teach an art class at her home similar to "Painting With a  Twist"  I agreed and she got 17 people together for the fun!  Held on her lanai, with wonderful goodies to eat, lots of laughter, and paint on our hands and faces, everyone managed to finish and went home with a painting of their own.  It was so much fun that she has asked me to do it again in another town with more of her friends!

     I may just decide to do more of this type of thing in the future!

     I got a couple photos of the smiles and paintings to share with you.


     You go to the store to buy a new paint brush, then find yourself standing in front of a large display of brushes. The plethora of different brushes confuses you. They usually tell which medium they are suitable for, but not how each is used, so you often end up frustrated.  Sound familiar?

     Well, I hope I can help you wade your way through the different types of brushes and what each is designed to do.  Below is a list of many types of brushes and their use from Princeton Brush Company.  Print it out if you would like and keep it for future reference.  Each photo shows the brush head and ferrule (metal) in the upper right corner.

     NOTE: It is not necessary to have each and every one of these in your arsenal of painting supplies.  As you become comfortable with brushes you learn that a single brush can do many things.  You will quickly develop favorites, and every artist is different in their preferences.  Th…

     Ocean Art Gallery sponsored a show wherein they picked six of their artists, a selected piece of art from each, and featured each piece of artwork while a musician played music that complimented the artist's work. The artwork was for sale and the proceeds went toward supporting preservation of the severely endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtle.

     The show was held at the Grand Living Realty office complex in Palm Coast, FL, which has a nice space for shows, meetings, etc.  It also serves as a second gallery location for Ocean Art Gallery.  Each of us have artwork on display here on a regular basis.  Seating was by reservation only and it was a full house.  The evening was a pleasure and the audience enjoyed the artist interviews by Frank Gromling, the owner of Ocean Art Gallery.

     Frank also revealed that Ocean Art Gallery is moving to Ormond Beach, FL in the next few weeks.  The new locatio…

      A few months ago I contacted a local St. Augustine gallery about representation.  We emailed back and forth, went on vacations, the gallery remodeled etc, and then finally we got back in touch.  The owner wanted to know if I was still interested and if we could set a date to meet.

     Well, the end result is that I began my official representation with this gallery! It is called REMBRANTZ  GALLERY and is located in St. Augustine, FL.  They have been established here in the Ancient City for many years and are a very popular destination for both locals and tourists.  Owners Kimberly Hunt and her mother Lynne are so kind and have a good eye for beautiful objects.  The shop is gorgeous and inviting, offering many delightful pieces of art for the discerning eye.

     Just as I have said previously,  do not be disappointed if it takes a longer period of time to land a gallery.  They are very busy people and they are impr…

     I and several of my talented friends decided to have a sale.  Like a yard sale, but offering Arts and Crafts instead of leftovers and cast-offs.  We started out as four people, but I asked the others to pass the word on if they knew anyone who had a craft and thought they might be interested in joining us.  Well, as word got around the group grew, and grew.  Thankfully I have a large yard, a long driveway, and plenty of street parking!  Our street is a dead-end country lane ( in town!) and we only have two neighbors, but I went to each one and told them what we were doing so they wouldn't be alarmed by all the cars, and I gave each one a small painting, and asked them to tell their friends about the sale.  Good neighbor relations, right?

     I started making up flyers, advertising on Instagram and Facebook and finally put an ad in the paper.  I also had each participant send me photos of their work and added those pho…

     The St Augustine Beach Art Studio and Gallery is the smaller of the two art associations here in St. Augustine.  They only have 800 square feet of display space, but the membership of 130 + is very loyal and everyone chips in and helps out where they can.  They were in need of a new sign for the building since they changed their name.  (It used to be called The Art Studio at St. Augustine Beach)
Anyway,  I volunteered to paint a new sign if they could pay for the materials.  The old sign  is about 2 x 2 ft.  The new sign is 6+ x 3 ft.  It is much nicer, much larger, and will certainly catch the eye of people going to the beach!

     The building is a turn of the century hotel that was turned into the City Hall years ago.  When they built a new City Hall, it became an arts center for St. Augustine Beach.  Today the space is used for a dance studio and the Art Studio & Gallery.  It is a cool old building that is ri…