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       I hope you have been enjoying my teaching blogs.  I have learned a lot by reading and applying what I read.  It isn't always easy to do and it takes lots of practice, but the results are SO worth it!  When you paint daily, you can see your artwork improve right before your eyes!  An easy way to see your progress is to set a painting you did a year, a month, or even just a week ago next to the one you just finished.  The difference can be dramatic or perhaps more subtle.  But, trust me, there IS improvement!  Yes, there will be days of frustration when you feel nothing is going right. But at those times, you can lay down your brush and take a breather.  When you come back you might like it more than you thought, or, you may see what is wrong and then proceed to fix it!  It's important to never give up!  Just keep painting!

     I have been posting about the books on Color Theory.  Some of you may feel that i…

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